Ep 19: The Dirty Dozen Diet Culture DON'TS in the the Fitness Industry with Christine DeFilippis

Jun 28, 2021

The fitness industry needs to do a better job at creating safe and inclusive spaces for all bodies. What can fitness instructors do (and not do) in order to better serve our community and do not harm. 

In this weeks solo episode I share my "dirty dozen". A list of 12 things we need to stop doing and/or start doing

In this episode we talk about the things we need to stop doing

  • Stop talking about peoples bodies
  • Stop assuming ability or fitness level
  • Stop assuming weight loss is the goal
  • and so much more

If you are a fitness pro this episode is a MUST listen and if you have ideas to share, connect with us on social media or leave a message on our website.

Christine is a Movement Motivator, Body Liberator & Unconventional FitPro
Her mission is to disrupt the industry and destroy diet culture. She is the host of the Breaking Body Biases podcast. She is the creator of FitPro Ed, an online education platform for fitness instructors and she is the own of Pop Fit Studio in the Philadelphia suburbs:  a HAES & weight inclusive studio featuring dance, barre, bounce and bungee workouts.


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