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Episode 37 - Celebrate Body Acceptance Week with NEDA

Nov 08, 2021

This week is Body Acceptance Week, a new initiative promoting body positivity, body neutrality, and body liberation for all bodies.  We know through research that body dissatisfaction is the leading risk factor in the development in an eating disorder 

So body acceptable week...

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Episode 20 - Summer Bodies, Beach Bodies and Being Brave with Christine DeFilippis - Episode 20

Jul 05, 2021

It is summer time and there is a ton of marketing around "Summer Bodies" and "Beach Bodies". What is a summer body? 

In this weeks solo episode I share my thoughts on summer bodies, beach bodies and calling people 'brave". 

In this episode we talk about 

  • shameful...
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Episode 15 - EDs, Emotional Eating & Body Image with Dr Meagan Gallagher Clinical Psychologist

May 31, 2021

This week I have Clinical Psychologist Dr Meghan Gallagher and we talk about eating disorders, emotional eating, body image, body respect and body neutrality

Dr Meghan Gallagher is a Clinical Psychologist from Integrated Wellness in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. In her practice she works...

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