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Ep 76 - Creating Inclusion in Yoga for All Bodies with Body Positive ERYT-200 Yogi Liza Herman

Mar 16, 2023

In this episode, I interview RYT Liza Herman and she shares: 

  • Her journey in Yoga from participant to teacher
  • The importance of representation
  • Ways she teaches to help create more inclusion
  • Apparel for all bodies       

Liza is a E- 200 Hour Registered Yoga...

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Ep 74 - This Week in Pop & Diet Culture: Taylor Swifts AntiHero video and Heroin Chic with Christine DeFilippis

Dec 07, 2022

NEW SERIES in 2023: This week in Pop & Diet Culture, where I share my thoughts on things going on in pop culture and diet culture. This week I am sharing two subjects that have come up over the last few weeks:
Taylor Swifts new video: AntiHero - is it fatphobic?
Heroin chic - this...

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Episode 73 - Sustainable Health Habits & Ditching Diet Culture with RD Jenna Waite

Nov 21, 2022


In this episode: Jenna Waite, RD. We talk about 

  • Her journey toward body acceptance
  • How to feel comfortable in your own skin in a fatphobic world
  • Why focusing on your weight is bad for your health 
  • How to create healthy habits without diet culture coming along ...
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Episode 72 - The Impact of Disneys First Plus Size Protagonist in Reflect with Christine DeFiliippis

Nov 07, 2022

Disney's first plus-size protagonist is featured in the Dinsey short "Reflect".  What impact does this have on young people today?  Check out this solo episode with CHristine and share your thoughts on our social media.

Reflect on Disney Plus

Learn more about the Body Image...

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Episode 71 - Detoxing From Diet Culture with The Diet Free Diva Tracy Desjardins

Oct 24, 2022


In this week's episode, we connect with Fit Pro, Health Coach and author of Diet Free Diva, Tracy Desjardins.

We talk about all the different ways to create a path for yourself in fitness. We can all have different approaches and how Tracy found a healthier and happier path. We...

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Episode 70 - Body Image: How to Create a Better Relationship with Your Body with Christine DeFilippis

Oct 20, 2022

Tired of feeling bad about your body? Tired of wasting precious time and money and never feeling good enough?  

This week we explore the topic of Body Image and how you can create a better relationship with your body. How to:

  • Stop hating your body
  • Quit comparing yourself to others...
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Episode 69 - Emerging with Accessible and Inclusive Movement with Tasha Edwards

Oct 10, 2022

In this week's episode, we connect with Fitpro and board-certified health and wellness coach Tasha Edwards.

Learn how Tasha got into the fitness industry and her experience with exclusive formats like yoga and pilates and how she brings more accessible and inclusive movement to...

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Episode 68 - Should you Compliment Weight Loss if you are HAES aligned with Christine DeFilippis

Oct 03, 2022

When is it okay to compliment a person's body? Not criticizing or critiquing but actually paying someone a compliment and praising someone for their body. The answer is never. NEVER We don't talk about people's bodies, period. BUT WHY?

This week we explore the reasons why giving someone...

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Episode 67 - Approaching Fitness with Curiosity and Compassion with Beth Yarzab from CanFitPro

Sep 26, 2022

In this week's episode, we connect with Weight Neutral Fitness Coach, PRO TRAINER with CanFitPro, and Fitness Educator with Heart. Beth was a previous guest (listen to episode 6 here) 

We talk about 

  • CanFitPro Conference 2022
  • Curiosity in fitness
  • Compassion in fitness 

  • ...
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Episode 66 - Why do you exercise? What motivates movement with Christine DeFilippis

Sep 22, 2022

Why do you exercise? If exercise did not change your weight or how you looked in any way would you still do it?

This week we explore why our reason for exercising is important and reasons for movement beyond aesthetic changes.

Join us for a screening of Embrace at Pop Fit Studio on...

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