Episode 18: Rise Above With Resilience featuring Canandian FitPro Jenni Morse

Jun 21, 2021

How can we rise above the noise of diet culture and be resilient?

On todays episode we talk with Canadian Fit Pro Jenni Morse. Originally from Toronto, Jenni Morse spent 10 years touring Canada and the United States with various contemporary and cultural dance companies. In 2013 she moved to Montreal to further pursue her career in dance. It was there that she discovered Zumba and a newfound passion for bringing joy to people’s lives through movement! Since propelling herself into the fitness industry, she has hosted numerous fitness parties and fundraisers, taught at several of Montreal’s most popular fitness clubs, and helped countless men and women to feel strong, fit, and confident! Jenni is now the founder of Rise with Resilience, an online BODY NEUTRAL fitness program with the focus on how you FEEL, and not how you look.

In this episode we talk about

  • how she got into fitness
  • Her experience working at a body building gym
  • the problem(s) with the fitness and diet industry
  • and some actionable tips on how to approach life and fitness from a body neutral perspective



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