Episode 21 - Valerie Bertinelli Body Shamed on Social Media with Christine DeFilippis

Jul 12, 2021

In this weeks solo episode I share my thoughts on Valerie Bertinelli's emotional response to fat shaming. Her vulnerable response had me reflecting on times when I was fat shamed. But it also reminded me that no one has to justify their body to anyone. In this episode I share my thoughts on healthism, body autonomy and what fitness instructors need to stop doing if they really want to support improved health - and that includes mental and emotional health.


Christine is a Movement Motivator, Body Liberator & Unconventional FitPro
Her mission is to disrupt the industry and destroy diet culture. She is the host of the Breaking Body Biases podcast. She is the creator of FitPro Ed, an online education platform for fitness instructors and she is the own of Pop Fit Studio in the Philadelphia suburbs:  a HAES & weight inclusive studio featuring dance, barre, bounce and bungee workouts.



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