Episode 29 - Sex, Erotic Wellness, Shame, & Body Confidence with Sex Scholar Nadège

Sep 06, 2021

In this episode, we speak with Nadège,  a sex scholar and the founder of  Pleasure Science.  She is a graduate of Berkeley and her expertise has been featured in Bustle Magazine, Kink University, and she is in the top 10% of writers on Medium.

She shares her thoughts and her research on 
👉🏻shame and our relationship with our body and sex
👉🏻 How food shame and sex shame are connected
👉🏻 learn about erotic wellness 
👉🏻 how to build body confidence through masturbation 
and the topic of plastic surgery. 
We cover a lot and  This is an adult conversation and we speak very honestly about sex and our bodies so please use discretion.


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