Episode 31 - Finding Balance vs Validation through Joyful Movement with Writer and Body Neutral Fitness Coach Pam Moore

Sep 20, 2021

In this episode we talk with Pam Moore, a journalist, occupational therapist, and weight-neutral health coach, and podcast host for the Real Fit podcast. 

👉🏻 In this interview, Pam shares her journey to find joyful movement and focusing on the strength and mental health benefits over weight loss goals and how her journey helps her when she coaches others 

👉🏻 She shares how she found a balance between finding meaning and confidence through sports versus validation

👉🏻 as a fitness instructor she shares her thoughts on coaching and the language we use

 👉🏻 And how her writing shifted since changing your views on the non-weightloss related benefits of exercise.

Pam Moore is a freelance writer, body-positive health coach, an ACE-certified personal trainer, and an occupational therapist. She's also the host of the Real Fit Podcast, featuring real conversations with women athletes on topics including body image, confidence, and empowerment. A six-marathoner and two-time Ironman finisher, her health and fitness writing has been published in The Washington Post, Time, The Guardian, Runner's World, Outside, and SELF, Forbes. She lives in Boulder Colorado with her husband and two daughters.



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