Episode 53 - Healing from Disordered Eating with Confidence & Compassion with Health Coach Katelyn Parsons

May 26, 2022

In this week's episode, we connect with Certified Health Coach Katelyn Parsons.

We talk about 

  • Overcoming binge eating as a health coach
  • Nuances of binge eating/intuitive eating/body image
  • How to achieve more confidence, quickly + compassionately  

Katelyn Parsons is a Certified Health Coach, speaker, and host of the weekly podcast Body Truth.
  After years of struggling with disordered eating, she not only found recovery but recognized a crucial missing link in the healing process- empowerment + individual expression. This inspired her entrepreneurial journey and life mission to shift the conversation toward strengthening authenticity through healing the relationship with food, body, and self.
 Katelyn has helped countless creative leaders build healthy, fulfilling lives through an integrative coaching method which blends the principles of Intuitive Eating, body image work, mindset, and habit building techniques. 
 She loves traveling with her husband, spontaneous adventures, storytelling, and creating cozy dinner party’s with friends & family.



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