Episode 71 - Detoxing From Diet Culture with The Diet Free Diva Tracy Desjardins

Oct 24, 2022


In this week's episode, we connect with Fit Pro, Health Coach and author of Diet Free Diva, Tracy Desjardins.

We talk about all the different ways to create a path for yourself in fitness. We can all have different approaches and how Tracy found a healthier and happier path. We talk about her history with binge eating and body image in the fitness industry.

Tracy Desjardins is an International Health Coach, Mind Body Eating Coach, ACE Fit Pro, and author of The Diet-Free Diva. She specializes in holistic health coaching for women. Tracy shares a compassionate space with other women working through similar trials through her struggles with weight, dieting, binge eating, sugar addiction, and emotional eating challenges. Tracy’s professional work is centered around helping women discover their very own transformative steps to finding peace with food, body, and self without restrictive dieting ever again.



Diet Free Diva

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