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Episode 88 - Creating Fitness Experiences for Every Body with Cari Gangaram

May 31, 2023

Listen to this week's episode with Cari Gangaram; certified Fitness Instructor and the founder of everyBODY Fitness with Cari.

Cari shares her journey from hating exercise to becoming a certified fitness instructor. 
How her past trauma with gyms and fitness led her to create a...

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Episode 87 - Why I no longer focus on weight as a fitness professional with Christine DeFilippis

May 25, 2023

In this solo episode,  I talk about why I no longer focus on my weight and no longer promote intentional weight loss with clients.

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Learn more about the Body Image Upgrade

Check out our free webinar for our Weight...

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Ep 86 - Breaking up with Diet Culture & Reimagining Movement with Physical Therapist DR Lisa Folden

May 17, 2023

Listen to this week's episode with Dr Lisa Folden; a Weight-inclusive physical therapist & anti-diet health & body image coach.

We talk about breaking up with diet culture, weight stigma in healthcare and so much more

Dr. Lisa N. Folden is a North Carolina licensed physical...

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Ep 84 - Fostering a Healthy Body Image for your Kids with Dr Charlotte Markey

Apr 20, 2023

Listen to this week's episode with Charlotte Markey PhD; Professor of Psychology, Department Chair Health Sciences Rutgers University, NJ and author.


We talk about her book and advice for parents that want to help kids foster a healthy body image

Charlotte Markey, Ph.D., is a...

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Ep 82: Body Freedom and Mindset with FitPro & Life Coach Gretchen Gegg M.Ed

Apr 13, 2023

Listen to this week's episode with M.Ed. & Certified Life Coach Gretchen Gegg


We talk about 

Body Freedom


State first goals
and more

Gretchen Gegg is a life coach and fitness educator with a passion for helping people find the freedom to live with...

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Ep 80 - Body Image, Self Care, & Motherhood with Summer Innanen

Mar 30, 2023

Listen to this week's episode with Body Image Coach, Summer Innanen 

We talk about 

Body Image

Self Care    


Summer Innanen is a professionally trained coach specializing in body image, self-worth and confidence. She helps people all over the...

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Episode 78 - Menopause, Fitness & Body Image with Dr Maria Luque

Mar 23, 2023

In this episode: Dr. Maria Luque, Fitness Expert, Professor, and Menopause Nerd. We talk about

  • Body image during menopause 
  • The role exercise/movement plays in the quality of life during menopause 
  • How to create healthy habits without diet culture coming along ...
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Ep 76 - Creating Inclusion in Yoga for All Bodies with Body Positive ERYT-200 Yogi Liza Herman

Mar 16, 2023

In this episode, I interview RYT Liza Herman and she shares: 

  • Her journey in Yoga from participant to teacher
  • The importance of representation
  • Ways she teaches to help create more inclusion
  • Apparel for all bodies       

Liza is a E- 200 Hour Registered Yoga...

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Ep 74 - This Week in Pop & Diet Culture: Taylor Swifts AntiHero video and Heroin Chic with Christine DeFilippis

Dec 07, 2022

NEW SERIES in 2023: This week in Pop & Diet Culture, where I share my thoughts on things going on in pop culture and diet culture. This week I am sharing two subjects that have come up over the last few weeks:
Taylor Swifts new video: AntiHero - is it fatphobic?
Heroin chic - this...

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Episode 73 - Sustainable Health Habits & Ditching Diet Culture with RD Jenna Waite

Nov 21, 2022


In this episode: Jenna Waite, RD. We talk about 

  • Her journey toward body acceptance
  • How to feel comfortable in your own skin in a fatphobic world
  • Why focusing on your weight is bad for your health 
  • How to create healthy habits without diet culture coming along ...
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